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If you want to see how well you are performing as an employer, please complete the form below and answer the questions to best of your knowledge.

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1Does each service user have an individual care plan?
2Is there policy and procedures in place for the handling and administration of medication?
3Have all appropriate staff had training in the administration of medication?
4Have all new staff been on an induction programme that meets the Skills for Care Standards?
5Do you have an accessible complaints procedure?
6Have all staff undertaken a safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults course?
7Are policies and procedures in place to respond to suspicions of abuse?
8Are policies and procedures in place for the control of infection?
9Have all appropriate staff been trained in the control of infections?
10Do you always have the appropriate mix of skilled and unskilled staff available to meet the needs of all service users on all shifts? (if appropriate e.g. older people`s care homes)
11Do you have a staff rota?
12Have all staff responsible for the production of food gained a recognised food hygiene qualification?
13Have you got the required number of qualified staff or the required staff registered and working towards an NVQ? (if required e.g. older people`s care homes)
14Do you have a thorough recruitment procedure that takes into account equal opportunities and the protection of your services users?
15Did you collect two references for an employee before they were appointed?
16Does any member of staff have gaps in their employment history that have not been explored?
17Have all staff had a satisfactory CRB check?
18Have all staff been given a copy of the GSCC codes of practice?
19Do you have a training and development programme for all staff?
20Do all staff receive a minimum of 3 days paid training per year?
21Does each member of staff have an individual training and development plan?
22Has the person who manages the establisment gained a recognised qualification?
23Does the person who manages the establishment have a continued professional development plan in place to update skills, knowledge and competencies?
24Are there quality assurance and monitoring systems in place that reflect the views of service users?
25Can staff demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and development for service users?
26Are all staff given formal supervision as least 6 times a year?
27Have all staff undertaken training in moving and handling techniques?
28Have all staff undertaken training in fire safety?
29Have all staff undertaken first aid training?
30Has the person that manages the establishment undertaken health and safety training that ensures the health and safety of staff and service users?
31Is there a written statement of the policy, organisation and arrangements for maintaining safe working practices?
32Are evidence of risk assessments recorded appropriately?
33Are safety procedures posted, explained and in formats that services users find accessible?
34Do all staff receive regular training updates to maintain safe working practices?

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