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This innovative project is supported through key regional networks and organisations including:

Derbyshire County Council * Derby City Council * Skills for Care Employer Engagement Group * Skills for Care Brokerage Project (Derbyshire) * Derbyshire Learning and Skills Council * Commission for Social Care Inspection * Job Centre Plus * Southern Derbyshire NHS Workforce Development Team

The Care Force team is dedicated to providing you with professional, relevant support..........

Describes the Care Force partners and the support they can offer.  click on the links to get more information from thier websites.

Derbyshire County Council - provides training and support to the independent

Derby City Council - provides training and support to the independent social care

Job Centre Plus - provides support regarding recruitment from the local labour market.

Skills for Care - responsible for helping employers to address workforce development in a way that allows them to ensure they have a confident and conpetent workforce.

Commission for Social Care Inspectorate  - Is responsible for ensuring that care providers provide a service that meets regulations and standards set for the sector.

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - provides information and advice to employers in relation to training, development and providing a seamless service.

Business Link - Provide advise and support to businesses with regard to general business issues, locating funding and training and development.

Age Concern Training - Paul Shepherd is the Chair of the Derbyshire Employer Engagement Group and also Manager of Age Concern Training

 ARC - Lead partner for the dispersal of Skills for Care Training Strategy Implementation fund (TSI).  This is a contribution to employers for meeting National Minimum Standards with regards to NVQ training.  They are also responsible for dispersing some of the Local Authorities National Training Strategy Grant.  This is a contribution to employers for meeting National Minimum standards relating to some other areas of training that social care employers undertake.

Derbyshire Brokerage Project - Provides guidance and support to independent social care employers regarding training, funding and meeting the National Minimum Standards.



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