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Response to consultation on the framework for the registration of health and adult social care providers and consultation on dra

The department is now consulting on the draft regulations, including the scope of registration and registration requirements under the Care Quality Commission that it proposes to set under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Comments are invited on the draft regulations, and a number of other policy proposals to support the framework, including fitness to practice and enforcement processes.

The draft Regulations in this publication set out who will need to register with the new Commission (scope of registration) and what they will need to do to register and remain registered (registration requirements).

The registration system will operate alongside a wider quality improvement framework that encourages not just good care, but excellent care. The Commission will have a role in contributing to ongoing quality improvement as part of the wider quality framework, particularly through its publication of comparable information in periodic reviews, and its power to conduct special reviews into areas of particular interest."

The consultation closes on May 29 2009. To view the current consultation:

To view the Government's response to the future regulation of health and adult social care in England (the precursor to the above new consultation), please use the link below:

Publish Date: 07/04/2009
Author/Source: Skills for Care EM Admin
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